Here is our pricing model

PostLab requires a GitLab Server.



  • Unlimited Installs
  • All Features
  • Open Source


Own Server

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Groups
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Unlimited Users

Cloud Subscription

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Groups
  • Unlimited Updates

So why is everything free?

GitLab has it's own model for making money and you can pay for Gitlab if you like. But all the functionality you need for PostLab is available in the free GitLab versions.
PostLab was initially developed by the Evangelische Omroep, a Dutch broadcaster. Since they are government funded they're not allowed to sell stuff. So they've decide to release PostLab as open source software.

Open Source

If you're interested in contributing to this project in any way please contact us. You can find the project here:

Get Support

Just because PostLab is free and open source doesn't mean you are on your own!
Let us help you out!

Pay it Forward

If you really want to give some money why not pay it forward to people in need? The Evangelische Omroep is supporting many charities worldwide. Your donation is most welcome there and will be put to good use!