New Features

  • Support for Final Cut Pro 10.4.4
    • Added a new default empty library for Final Cut Pro 10.4.4.
  • Support for PostLab Server
  • You can now delete Projects through the PostLab Interface
  • You can now delete Final Cut Pro Libraries through the PostLab Interface
  • Added a link to the GitLab page of a group or project in the PostLab Interface


  • Some speed improvements within the PostLab Interface
  • You can now see the user that is used for a server within your server preferences
  • PostLab no longer wants to use the A-record for your server
  • Some interface changes in the PostLab interface
  • When opening a library in read only mode the user now gets feedback that something is happening
  • Changed the default to link to instead of the repository


  • Fixed a bug where PostLab still didn’t work with self signed certificates
  • Fixed a rare bug where it was possible to that PostLab opened multiple libraries upon checkout
  • Fixed a bug where you could add a server with blank spaces
Last Updated On April 24, 2019