The “problem”

At our setup we don’t want people to create groups at the root level of the GitLab server. People would create all kinds of groups and things would get messy very soon. What we want is that people can not create groups but only sub groups. So they are allowed to create a group within a group. Or a sub folder if you like.

Since PostLab 1.0.1 the PostLab Interface allows for users who can create a group to create groups at root level. So if you don’t want that make sure you disable this!
Since the GitLab default is that people can create groups.

Here’s how to turn it off.


The “Solution”

Unfortunately there isn’t a simple checkbox for this. What you need to do is disable this for every user. That can be time consuming but I haven’t found a way yet since GitLab 10.3 how to disable this for every user at once.

Simply go to your admin area and select Users and then select a user.
Edit that user and scroll down to Access. Here you’ll find a checkbox “Can create group”. Disable this and save.

And repeat that for every user who needs to be disabled.

Last Updated On August 16, 2018