PostLab needs a location on your computer to download the PostLab projects to. You can set this location in your preferences. This defaults to ~/Movies/PostLab/.

Every PostLab Project wil download into a bundle. A bundle is a folder on your system that the user will see a file and therefor cannot open. The PostLab application can open and edit these bundles.

There is a way though to open these bundles in the Finder. Simply right click on a bundle and choose “Show Contents”. Inside the bundles you can find the Final Cut Libraries for this project.
Please only come here when you know what you’re doing. These libraries are in folders that are under git source control and those are hidden directories. So take caution.

You can however delete a bundle if you need to AND… when you’ve got no uncommitted changes in a library! When you delete a bundle with uncommitted changes than they will be lost! However a bundle with no uncommitted changes is fully synced with the server and therefor can easily be downloaded again.

When a bundle is unavailable it will show in PostLab as greyed out. 

When clicking on this bundle you’ll be asked what you want to do with it. You can close the project or download it again. The location is shown where the bundle was expected but not found. You can change this if you like. It’s also the location where the bundle will be downloaded  when you click Download Project.

Last Updated On March 26, 2019