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Cannot add as a server

When attempting to add my "" as a server, I get the message "We could not resolve the URL." Screenshots attached...

My guess is that PostLab has been sandboxed by macOS for some reason, but can't figure out how to "Unsandbox" it.

I'm running on High Sierra (10.13.6)

Uploaded files:
  • PostLab_Preferences.png


Thanks for reporting. I think when you remove the last forward slash in your URL it works.
So not: but

Let me know if that works.
Perhaps I can do something about this one!



Yeah, that seemed to work. Being able to provide a trailing "/" would be a good idea I think.

I ended up creating a personal access token, but just guessed which permissions I need to grant. It's cool that you have the button to go to GitLab to create the personal access token, but it could be worth adding a note on that dialog to say what permissions are required?


Good idea. You'll need to check the api checkbox as explained in the video you'll find at documentation.

I'm working at PostLab 1.0.2 right now and in that version this bug is now gone.



This was fixed in version 1.0.2!