Exciting times for PostLab! Today PostLab 1.0.4 was released and we’ve got news about the upcoming PostLab Server.

PostLab 1.0.4

Another version of PostLab was released today! With some great new features like the ability to delete projects and libraries through the PostLab interface. And off course support for the latest version of Final Cut Pro 10.4.4. When you already use this version please select your default Final Cut Library version within the preferences to match your version.

For the full release notes and to download this version see:

PostLab Server

Those who are following PostLab on Twitter might have seen the tweets about PostLab Server. We’re building a simple way for you to install GitLab on a Mac. This way everybody can use PostLab with their own server in their own environment.
At the moment we’re in beta testing. As soon as we’ve got something really stable we’ll release it. Please subscribe to our twitter channel or blog to get a notification as soon as it’s released!



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