What is PostLab?

PostLab lets you truly work together on your Final Cut Pro Libraries

True collaboration

Keep track on who is working on what, when and why. Work on libraries with a check in/out system.


Keep every version of your edit
Go back anytime, never lose
your work again


Store all your libraries safely
in the cloud or on your local server
Easily find them again when
you need them.


Store all your relevant documents along with your libraries. So everybody has the same latest versions of the documents.

Access Control

Easily allow any team member to your project. Choose between different access roles

Web Services

Connect to every web service you might use for your project. Like Frame.io or Cantemo Portal.


Get Started

Here is all the information you need to start using PostLab
Quick Demo

Quick Demo

5 minutes

A quick demo says more than many words.
Learn what you can do with PostLab.

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

The Why & How

A series of video tutorials that will explain
what PostLab is and how to set it up



All there is to know

Have a look at our documentation
for detailed manuals.


Here's what's new!

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PostLab Recap

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